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Unmaking an Unwanted Mark

Births should be gloriously marked-with celebrations and joyous well wishes. Unfortunately, births sometimes leave behind other marks-pigmented splotches on the skin. There are two main types of birthmarks: vascular and pigmented. Among the most common and longest lasting of the vascular birthmarks are port-wine stains (naevus flammeus). They're caused by malformed blood vessels that stay dilated, or open, all the time. With age, port-wine stains usually darken, and may even develop raised, irregular surfaces. Long-lasting pigmented birthmarks include moles and café-au-lait spots (light brown, oval-shaped spots). These, too, can darken with age.

Removing Birthmarks

Birthmarks are almost always harmless. Still, depending on where they're located on the body, they can be upsetting. Some birthmarks fade soon after birth, but others, including port-wine stains, moles, and café-au-lait spots, don't. In fact, they may become even more visible. (And moles, if they change appearance, can be a sign of skin cancer.) Fortunately, many birthmarks can be removed, or at least minimized, with laser therapy. This is particularly true for birthmarks that lie close to the skin's surface, such as port-wine stains and café-au-lait spots. The light from the laser heats and destroys the blood vessels and/or pigmentation causing the birthmarks.

The Patients Guide®

If your birth left you with a visible mark on your skin that you'd rather not have, you may be able to finally do something about it, thanks to new advances in laser technology. First, though, you need to have a detailed talk with an experienced laser physician about your treatment options. We've created this website to help you have that informed discussion. The content here is edited and published by some of the leading laser physicians in the world. As a Patient's Guide® website, we're committed to the highest standards of medical accuracy and review. We hope this information is helpful, and we look forward to your feedback. Please do note that no website, advertising, or opinion can replace consultation with an expert physician. Before making any decision on treatment, it's advisable to speak with your doctor first.

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